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Weekly Update – 06.07.2020

Weekly Update 30.06.2020

Weekly Update 22.06.2020

Until recently, it seemed as though we were headed into a stalled summer of quarantine. The palpable anxiety, unrest, and anger reverberating throughout recent demonstrations has shown COVID-19 to be a catalyst for exposing systemic issues—ecological, social, economic, and political—throughout the United States and abroad. The volatile months ahead will provide a unique opportunity for intense reflections on questions about the architect and designer’s role in shaping the new paradigms that will emerge from this period of sustained global crisis. As the world oscillates between total lockdown and mass demonstration, we will begin adjusting to a new reality. As this happens, our reflections and memories of the isolated early months of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the widespread public turmoil of Summer 2020 will begin to blur. While we are in the midst of this epoch, we think it is crucial to capture and document our student perspective on the current situation.

Over the coming months, we will be working to gather and prompt these meditations amongst student communities at architectural institutions around the world. As architects, we are uniquely trained to apply knowledge from a broad range of disciplines to solve tangible problems, both large and small. Our goal for this summer is to create a running journal that engages our diverse backgrounds, ideologies, and skill sets to address the issues that have come into such high relief in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

If you’re interested in answering any of these questions, or creating your own, click on the image above to access a downloadable PDF. Each question in the PDF is hyperlinked to a submission form, where you can choose to upload a file of any type. We encourage you to save the prompts onto your desktop for easy access.

We will close the first round of submissions on July 15th. The editorial team will reach out to certain contributors to further develop their work, if necessary.