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March 2021

Mindful Wellbeing Day – April 16

Invitation for a day of conversation and practice.  ***Submit your proposal by April 4 here. ***

Diversity in the Creative Arts with Aurora Robinson

In this five-week seminar run by Aurora Robinson through the Center for Teaching and Learning, participants will begin the process of recognizing elements of their courses that have the potential to open a more...

Bridging the Gap: Supporting international student mental health in the context of COVID

Bridging the Gap: Supporting international student mental health in the context of COVID The Office of International Affairs (OIA) and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), with support from the Strategic Planning Oversight...

Asian American Racism & Mental Health Resources

Since the start of the pandemic, discrimination and assault against Asian Americans has greatly increased in frequency and severity. It is necessary that institutions and individuals be attentive to these trends, actively work to...

FLC 2021/22: Call for Applicants

Pratt’s Center for Teaching and Learning new Faculty Learning Community is now accepting applicants for the 2021-22 academic year! Seeding and Growing Your Radical Pedagogies A Self-Directed and Collaborative FLC Please APPLY ONLINE  Deadline for...

Complicating the Narrative Resources

Resources for Complicating the Narrative, reviewing and supplementing the workshop with the Solutions Journalism Network on February 17 20201.

An instructor’s guide to reducing college students’ stress and anxiety

Chapman University has published their new review of practicable and evidence-based tools for reducing student stress in the classroom, improving overall performance and quality of academic life. The five strategies discussed in the review...

Spotlight on Learning

Join us on Tuesday March 30th from 12-1:15pm for a collaborative exploration of the many facets of an assignment. This facilitated conversation will introduce the Empire State Partnership protocol as a tool for creating...

Perspectives on Participatory Design: Panel Series with CTL Fellow Irina Schneid

Perspectives on Participatory Design is a 2 part faculty panel series on how we teach collaboration in design and with whom. Tuesday, March 16th, 6:00-7:30pm EST on Zoom; Organized by 2021 CTL Fellow Irina Schneid