Synchronous Canvas Training Options

Synchronous Training Options for Canvas in Fall 2021

Do you need assistance with Canvas? If you’ve looked through our online training options and have additional questions or technical difficulties, we have three options for synchronous training in the Fall 2021 semester.

Topic-Specific Canvas Office Hours in Week 2 of Classes
Daily Virtual Office Hours
In-Person EdTech Office Hours

For dates and RSVP links, click on this post!

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Asynchronous Canvas Training Options

Please view the training options below for more information on how to deepen your knowledge about Canvas.

New to Me

Just Brushing Up

My Class Specifically

A good place to start if this is your first time exploring the move to Canvas for your online/hybrid/Face to Face teaching.

A bevy of resources for refining your Canvas pedagogies once you’re familiar with the basics of building modules, assigning due dates, and creating your course landing page.

Some Canvas rabbit-holes for you to travel down as you really get the hang of designing and redesigning the special parts of what make your class outstanding, engaging, and fun.

Pratt Canvas Basics

“Pratt Canvas Basics” is a Canvas course designed specifically for Pratt faculty’s use of Canvas. If you’ve never used Canvas before as an instructor, we recommend using this as a guide to setting up your Canvas courses for the first time while experiencing Canvas as a student. This course includes all the information you need to get started.

Click here to self-enroll into the course.

Canvas Checklist

This pdf outlines how to set up and navigate your courses as a faculty member. Use this to review the platform and the tools.

Click here to view the Canvas checklist PDF.

Canvas training videos

In Sept. 2021, we held a series of training sessions for Canvas. These videos include an overview/introduction of Canvas, tutorials for creating modules and pages, adding syllabi, taking attendance, grading in Canvas, and more. 

Click here for more information and recordings from these sessions.

Example Canvas Course

“How to Make Spaghetti” is an example Canvas course for you to explore and familiarize yourself with the platform. Use this course to get ideas on your own course organization.

Click here to self-enroll into the course.

Canvas How-To Guides for Faculty & Students

Pratt Student Affairs has created a walkthrough for students to learn the basics of Canvas, click here to view the video.

The Canvas Community site has useful guides that can help you and your students get started.

Click here to view the Canvas Guides.

Videos from the T&L Forum

During the Teaching & Learning Fall Forum we had interactive Canvas Sessions that were used to explain the general Canvas setup once a Canvas course sandbox has been created. We recorded these sessions and made them available to you.

Click here to view the videos.

Canvas Cheat Sheet for Faculty

Do you need a refresher on Canvas? The Canvas Cheat Sheet for Faculty is a PDF that includes step-by-step overviews of many Canvas topics (access to the PDF with your Pratt gmail below).

Click here to view the Canvas Instructor PDF.

Library of Canvas Tutorial Videos

Remember seeing something useful in a Canvas tutorial video but don’t know how to find that video? Here are all the Canvas Instructor Videos

Click here to see the videos.

Interactive Online Teaching Techniques Community

The Interactive Online Teaching Techniques Community is a Canvas space that can show you tools and techniques that will enhance your online teaching on Canvas with a more interactive and engaging learning environment.

Click here to self-enroll into the course.

California Ed. Initiative Byte-sized Canvas Tutorials

This video series teaches you what’s new on Canvas (or just new to you!) and how you can use it, along with other pedagogical and technological tips to support high quality online course design.

Click here to view Byte-Sized Canvas.