Contemplative Practices and Positive Education

COMPOSE is a series of faculty development workshops with a goal of establishing a personal practice framed around the concepts of learned optimism, resilience and meaning-making. COMPOSE’s ultimate goal is generating well-being pedagogies for classroom and studio teaching and contributing to a radical improvement of student flourishing across the Pratt campus.

COMPOSE is a collaboration between Pratt’s CTL and Student Affairs, and it’s part of a larger, campus-wide Flourishing Studio project.  It is based on best practices established by the Pratt Meditation Incubator and research based on UPenn’s Positive Psychology Center

COMPOSE Overview

  • Overview of Flourishing
    • Theory, research, interventions – based on Flourish by Martin Seligman
    • The role of mindfulness and quiet breath meditation
  • Emotional Intelligence
    •  Positive and negative emotions – based on selected chapters in A Primer in Positive Psychology by Ch. Peterson
    • Contemplative practice: perceiving thoughts and emotions, short body-scan
  • Cultivating Positive Emotions
    •  Savoring, Broaden and Build theory – based on Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson
    •  Contemplative practice: awareness of breath
  • Character Strengths
    • Character signature strength and virtues – based on Character Strengths and Virtues by M. Seligman and Ch. Peterson 
    • Contemplative practice:  full body scan
  • Resilience
    • Learned optimism and explanatory styles – based on The Resilience Factor by K. Reivich and A. Shatte
    • Contemplative practice:  loving kindness
  • Stress Reduction
    • Catastrophizing, STOP and RAIN practices – based on Radical Compassion by Tara Brach
    • Contemplative practice: choiceless awareness
  • Relationships
    • Positivity, Savoring and Character Strengths in relationships – based on Happy Together by S. and J. Pawelski 
    • Contemplative practice: walking meditation
  • Flourishing for life
    • Goals, Grit and Intentions  – based on Grit by A. Duckworth
    • Contemplative practice: