Moving from Moodle ( to Canvas

How to move your course from Moodle ( to Canvas

  1. Select Moodle course you want to export
  2. From settings menu (gear icon upper right of window) choose “More” > Course administration > backup
  3. Modify backup settings as needed, click next twice (or choose jump to final step)
  4. Click “perform backup” at bottom of window
  5. When backup is complete, click “continue”
  6. In the “restore course” window that opens, scroll down to the newly created backup and click “download.” (Using Firefox and Windows 10, choosing “save” stores the file in your “downloads” folder).  Note that backup files can be very large so you need to allow time for the download to complete.
  7. From the Canvas course home page, choose “import existing content”
  8. In the “content type” field, choose “moodle 1.9/2.x”
  9. In the “source” field, click “browse” and locate your moodle backup file (.mbz extension) on your hard drive.  Select it.
  10. If you have question banks in your moodle course and want to keep them in canvas, leave “select question bank” in the “default question bank” field
  11. (not sure what happens if you choose select content vs. all content.  I’ve got the feeling that the file type is some bulk format, like a zip file, that won’t allow selection.  so I would tend to say “choose all content”)
  12. Click “import” Again, allow the necessary time for uploading large files.
  13. When the import is complete, return to the course home page to view how your course material has been distributed.


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