Pratt LMS and Big Blue Button Tutorials and Webinars

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This document includes a number of video and text tutorials about Pratt LMS and Big Blue Button (BBB) Classroom.

Recorded webinar with Q&A session for LMS and Big Blue Button Classroom that addresses how to create new courses and assignments, setting up virtual classrooms with BBB and the functions available in these virtual conference rooms, and the use of LMS Workshop activities for student discussions and critiques.

Enroll the LMS course Moodle Tips for Faculty and Instructors to access LMS user guides and tutorials that detail LMS Telepresence tools in LMS such as video conferencing, BBB, Kaltura recording software, and Google Drive, guides on managing and creating courses, configuring course content, and managing the grade book in LMS.

Additional video tutorials on Big Blue Button, including moderator/viewer overviews, screen sharing, closed captioning, and the creation and use of breakout rooms: