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Holly Adams

Milanote Tips – Sharing and Publishing

Milanote Tips – Sharing and Publishing Boards Milanote is an online interactive whiteboard space that can be used for collaborative work, resource sharing, critiques, and more. To see our other recent posts and tutorials on Milanote, click here. This post explains the various sharing settings for your Milanote boards.  This

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Back to School Webinar Recap & Toolkit

In September 2021, ACUE (Association of College and University Educators) held the Back-to-School webinar series. In the webinars, panelists shared practical strategies and resources on a range of topics, much of which has now been organized into a set of free resources—including videos and downloadable planning guides—that can be immediately put to use to benefit both faculty and their students.

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Holly Adams

Recordings and Resources: Milanote Workshops

Recordings from Milanote Basics Workshop On Sept. 13, 2021 we held a workshop discussing the benefits of using Milanote for asynchronous teaching and demonstrating the basics of using the tools Milanote has to offer. On Tuesday, September 21st 10-11:30am, we held a second session where we discussed more advanced uses

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Holly Adams

Information Technology Resources

Information Technology Resources Physical Technology Rentals & Lab Access The TEC Hybrid Teaching Station is designed for virtually linked classes using Zoom, where some participants are in-person and others remote. One display is intended to show a presentation or view of the classroom, and the other a view of each participant. Production: A

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Teaching & Learning Library

The Teaching & Learning Library is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Library to provide access to books and other resources that promote and support pedagogical development on campus. These resources are available both in the collection as well as at the CTL office and cover a  range of topics and interests.

CTL Libguide

Use the CTL Libguide to access:

  • The Teaching and Learning book collection
  • Journals for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research
  • Selected articles and web-guides on teaching strategies and theory
  • Library resources, databases and research help