Promoting Wellbeing Pedagogies in Higher Education

We believe that faculty and student wellness and success are interdependent. In order for faculty to apply caring pedagogy, to recognize the impact of stress on learning, and to help their students be well, they must first be given the opportunity to examine and cultivate their own wellness.

Pratt’s Center for Teaching and Learning invites all faculty to explore and participate in TeachWell communities and resources. 

A growing set of resources on resilience and wellbeing for faculty during Covid19.

TeachWell Project

The TeachWell community promotes wellbeing pedagogies at Pratt and beyond.

A series workshops to establishing a personal practice around learned optimism and resilience.

Pratt’s CTL is committed to supporting faculty so they can more intentionally integrate wellbeing practices into classroom and studio content, activities, and assignments.  

Wellbeing Resources:

Holly Adams

DEI Self Assessment Questionnaire

We are excited to share a resource created by the Interior Design Curriculum Working Group; this tool of reflection and self assessment is meant to give faculty members a deeper

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