Alyssa + Schuyler Project 2


For our first attempt with the wire bender we tried to bend a star:

beetle blocks star


Unfortunately, when it did its last rotation, it got hung up on the edge of the machine. (video below)


Second attempt: (Success)



IMG_20150303_180046798_HDR IMG_20150303_180031296


Using a recycled Home Depot utility lamp, we attempted to create a wire lampshade. We rotated two different profiles around the center (fixture). We liked the hexagon aperture that occurred when the profiles were tilted in the assembly:

lamp 1

We were originally going to use straw connectors (where the tape is in the image) but the overall assemblage was too loose. There were also inaccuracies with the machine so the profiles didn’t line ¬†up as planned.

lamp 3lamp 2




We created a design that was supposed to work without soldering. (See gray pieces) Unfortunately, the connection to the base was too loose and wire too bendy. As a result, we decided to eliminate the second shape (gray pieces)

6Qt_Xzypb9AaUcbWJ7iwuve3h5vKIRYtRND2mShZtk9a7l_UCEKRPFNHZ6vSyDc2pWMn3A=w1397-h6262 shapes 1 2


When assembling it, we realized we could create new connections at only six points and the shape would hold, making a star!

9LvV9JDi8aNhMP8bk3Z4rJKqTThOHTk-Pc-u7lhOlHdLIgxbYs3Y0dl1zVTm_dmS2vhb7g=w1397-h626 IFjXKyWrkCHk3ImGOO_8tSM_52CScYl8OiS6owQ2qm56HAdYcgGQySd__quXC1eYtG075A=w1397-h626 btMJNiSxi6NdGppyW-BNujtK8ejW9_s8tsYfiutbQ_AFJc6SpmuNjubHyuhUxkZvvOVWZA=w1397-h626 (2) _3qvrATGX56ruH6fx3Bsm3-TyLvSMIo0-DmUVIyqn20Op-M7FPNd-jQ4FA0lbrDR72pr4A=w1397-h626


In the future we would like to create infill pieces that hold it together and create shadows with patterns, working like an actual lampshade.