Brielle + KumJu Project 1

Model 1: Experimenting with Beetle Blocks Grids

Model 1a: Using scale to transform an incomplete rectangle.



Model 1b: Creating a radial relationship between triangles.

01b Grid Hw_Week 1


Model 1c: Tranformation of model 1b in a line.

01c Grid Hw_Week 1


Model 1d: Tranformation of model 1b through change scale and repetitions of model 1b.

01d Grid Hw_Week 1


Model 2: Further exploration into Beetle Blocks Grids

Model 2a: Patterns

01_Script 01

02_Script  02


Model 2b: radial grid pattern + offset

P01-01 P01-02


Model 2c: radial grid pattern refined + explored on different axis

P01-03 P01-04

Model 2d: sin curve – increment/length of line manipulation + explored on different axis

P01-05 Study of Sin CurveP01-05 Study of Sin Curve 3

Model 2e: Patterns printed with vinyl cutter

1 Pen Color

2015_03_10_16_39_38_003 2015_03_10_16_39_38_004

2 Pen Color