Brielle + KumJu Project 3

3D Printed Object: Scripted Objects in Beetleblocks

Using a cuboid as a basis for our geometry, we created a star in plan that went through two transformations. The first transformation was a change in rotation in both the Z and Y directions. The second transformation was a change in scale of the star as it moved up each level. The change in scale of the geometry as it grew allowed there to be a decrease in the amount of overlap material as the star rotated in the Z direction.

3d Print Script

3d Print model-03 3d Print model-02 3d Print model-01


Previous Script Explorations

Exploration 1

02 02_A 02_B






Exploration 2

03 03_A 03_B

Problems Encountered

  • When exporting the stl from Beetle Blocks the geometry needs to be joined, caped, or leveled in rhino.
  • Problems with the exterior shell | For some reason with our prints it keeps coming out hairy and not a smooth surface. We have tried printing it on various machines and re-exporting the file as well as reformatting the prints. Not sure if this is a Beetle Blocks problem with the exported stl that was created.

IMG_4358 IMG_4362


IMG_4367 IMG_4368 IMG_4369

Print Settings

Speed- 50 mm/s

Temperature- 210

Fill Bottom/top thickness- .6 mm

Fill Density- 5%

Layer Height- .01 mm

Shell Thickness- .8 mm


Final Print on the Orion 3D Printer

IMG_4468   IMG_4471

IMG_4470 IMG_4469