Bryant + Joseph Project 1

1. The X-agon Spiral

– number of side increases, until a triangle becomes a “circle”.
– the z and hue is rotated at a set increment


2. The Star Cluster

– number of sides, phi, radius, and all angles (outer tip, inner angles…) are defined.
– a block is defined to create the star with predefined variables.
– various methods of exploiting the shape is shown

1 2 3 4


3. Random Rainbows

– used given hatched rectangle script
– altered to produce random overlaps by rotation
– increasing in scale and with rainbow gradient



4. Islamic Pattern (Printed!)

– goal was to create an Islamic geometry inspired pattern
– used the idea of a asymmetrical rotated square to create overlaps
– produced very intricate geometry and moments of pinpoint

Islam_Islam Islam Detail

IslamIslam 02


Printed Pattern had no issues, used blue ball point pen.


5. Nunchucks! 

– used a random walk to connect two fixed geometries


6. Random Contained Segments 

– goal was to create a contained mess
– used the push and pop blocks to contain the mess to a general area
– used start and stop blocks to create segmented lines



7. Random Contained Lines

– same idea as the Random Contained Segments experiment but with “poly-lines”



8. Random Lines Equals Square (Printed!)

– goal was to create a series of tightly spaced dashed lines
– used the random start and stop drawing sequences
– in four directions to create a square upon overlap

RndmLinesSquare_RndmLinesSquareDash Sqaure 003

Dash Sqaure 02Dash Sqaure 01

“Random Lines Equals Square” During Print ( RED & BLK Le Pen @ 1G Power)

“Random Lines Equals Square” After Print, Pattern was placed too low on the page.


Printed Patterns (Part 2.)

IMG_0280 Successful plot of X-agon Spiral

 Ballpoint pen (500mm/s, 100g)






IMG_0276 Successful plot of X-agon spiral,
with SVG file with 2 separate layers & colors.
The 2 patterns create incrementally
increasing overlapping geometry and the moire effect.

 Felt-tip (700mm/s, 1g)









Unsucessful plot of X-agon spiral with
multiple instances.
The rollers were not aligned correctly.

 Ballpoint pen (400mm/s, 100g)