Bryant + Joseph Project 1

1. The X-agon Spiral

– number of side increases, until a triangle becomes a “circle”.
– the z and hue is rotated at a set increment


2. The Star Cluster

– number of sides, phi, radius, and all angles (outer tip, inner angles…) are defined.
– a block is defined to create the star with predefined variables.
– various methods of exploiting the shape is shown

1 2 3 4


3. Random Rainbows

– used given hatched rectangle script
– altered to produce random overlaps by rotation
– increasing in scale and with rainbow gradient



4. Islamic Pattern (Printed!)

– goal was to create an Islamic geometry inspired pattern
– used the idea of a asymmetrical rotated square to create overlaps
– produced very intricate geometry and moments of pinpoint

Islam_Islam Islam Detail

IslamIslam 02


Printed Pattern had no issues, used blue ball point pen.


5. Nunchucks! 

– used a random walk to connect two fixed geometries


6. Random Contained Segments 

– goal was to create a contained mess
– used the push and pop blocks to contain the mess to a general area
– used start and stop blocks to create segmented lines



7. Random Contained Lines

– same idea as the Random Contained Segments experiment but with “poly-lines”



8. Random Lines Equals Square (Printed!)

– goal was to create a series of tightly spaced dashed lines
– used the random start and stop drawing sequences
– in four directions to create a square upon overlap

RndmLinesSquare_RndmLinesSquareDash Sqaure 003

Dash Sqaure 02Dash Sqaure 01

“Random Lines Equals Square” During Print ( RED & BLK Le Pen @ 1G Power)

“Random Lines Equals Square” After Print, Pattern was placed too low on the page.


Printed Patterns (Part 2.)

IMG_0280 Successful plot of X-agon Spiral

 Ballpoint pen (500mm/s, 100g)






IMG_0276 Successful plot of X-agon spiral,
with SVG file with 2 separate layers & colors.
The 2 patterns create incrementally
increasing overlapping geometry and the moire effect.

 Felt-tip (700mm/s, 1g)









Unsucessful plot of X-agon spiral with
multiple instances.
The rollers were not aligned correctly.

 Ballpoint pen (400mm/s, 100g)

3 Responses

  1. I really like the star cluster drawings, I think it would be nice to see them plotted. I also appreciate how you got the random lines script to work in a square pattern and plotted that. It’s nice to see the overlay of the two colors and photograph of it being plotted.

  2. Loving the spirals. Impressive how straight lines can create something so volumetric. Also for the random lines the idea to overlap the two colors to create a square was great. Good to see the closeup and the randomly occurring grid

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