Bryant + Joseph Project 2

1. Making Various Clips for 1/16″ Wire

The original 1/8″ clips were scaled down the 52%, 54%, 56% and 58% to find the right material tolerance.
56% was chosen for the X connection. Others connections require design modification.

PLA. 0.1mm layer height. 50mm/s speed. 100% infill. 10 layers of brim.


2. Designing Parallel Clips for 1/16″ Wire

The original 1/8″ clip is used as a design reference.
The clip is significantly thickened for printability.

0.15mm tolerance is used for inner wall.

Testing various scales to find the best fit/tolerance.

PLA. 0.1mm layer height. 50mm/s speed. 100% infill. No brim.


3. Chaotic Spiral Wire Bending 

The goal of this exercise was to explore a parametric geometry as a mean to create a vertical enclosed volume. The spiral rotates as it travels upward. However, the rate of rotation is also increaed gradually. The spiral twists only slightly in the beginning, but is “chaotic” at the end.

1 2 3

The first bend-job was successful, although we wanted a taller more dense volume / form.


We passed a longer spiral polyline in the bend-job at 44% scale (reducing the length of each turn) in order to maximize the amount of geometric turns using one piece of wire.