Jacklyn + Patrick Project 2

Wire Bending: Lamp Shade

The concept of our lamp shade is to be a hanging lamp shade, like a chandelier and have the light bulb hang in the center. The wire ungulates around the light bulb as two plexi-glass pieces hold it all together.


1) Perspective View in Rhino



2) Top View in Rhino


2_lamp base

3) Top view of the plexi-glass holders



4) Plan and Elevation: Dimensions

When assembled in this original way, the lamp shade was not sturdy enough. The wire did not hold well in the plexi-glass holder and so we had to edit the way the wire meets the plexi pieces. There was also some error in the physical wire bending, but not enough for the lamp shade not to be constructed.


Wire Bending: Lamp Shade EDITED

new bracing


1) Edited Top Bracing: Laser Cut

new bracing2

2) EditedBottom Bracing: Laser Cut


Final Lamp Shade:




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  1. I like how the holes at the edge of the lasercut piece are incrementally changing its displacement from the edge and the center. I’m gussing that it was either to find the right tolerence or to give variation to the overall shape.

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