Jacklyn + Patrick Project 3

3D Modeling in Beetle Blocks: Rotating Cubes

We began with an interest in creating a 3d form from rotation. Using the cuboid function in Beetle Blocks and what we learned about rotation and scaling through the 2d drawing process, we were able to design several ways in which a rotating “tower” structure could be created. We then decided to 3d print some of the iterations.

rotating cubes

1) Rotating Cubes: This iteration explored how cubes could rotate around a center point.



2) Rotating Cubes: This explored how cubes could create a shape like a cog in a machine and then used scaling and shifting to create an interesting form.


straight tower2

3) Tower A: This iteration explores how rotation and the cuboid can form a tower typology. This iteration is straight and has no scaling or curvature to it.


curved tower2

4) Tower B: This iteration explored both rotation and scaling in the vertical direction to form another tower typology. We Also decided to 3d print this form.




* We had difficulty in 3d printing Tower B: Exporting from Beetle Blocks and saving from Cura onto the SD card with a 10% density fill worked fine, but during printing it stopped 2 times. The first time the filament stopped printing completely and the second time the C-Plane changed locations completely and starting printing in mid-air. We are not sure why we had this difficulty with the prints.

Print Settings

Speed- 50 mm/s

Temperature- 220

Fill Bottom/top thickness- .5 mm

Fill Density- 10%

Layer Height- .01 mm

Shell Thickness- 1 mm