1. Autocad File
The Laser Cutter can only read AutoCad file; therefore, if you are drawing your file in Rhino make sure to export as an AutoCad file. Some computers at the Laser Shop have AutoCad 2007 as the latest version, so make sure you save your file to that 2007 version or older.
2. Material
It is recommended you use Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape to tape your cut sheet after its done to keep all the pieces in place before removing from cutting bed.
There is a range of materials which can be cut in the machine:
-Museum Board


3. USB / Hard Drive
The computers at the Laser Shop work with Windows platform, so make sure your USB/Hard Drive is compatible. Before setting up your file in AutoCad:
1. Lay material in Laser Cut bed.
2. Push “Z” in order to adjust the z-axis according to the thickness of your material. A wood jig is provided at the shop to measure the appropriate distance between the laser and the material.
3. Control the Z axis by moving the bed up and down.

Setting up your file:
1. Insert USB
2. Open your file in AutoCad
3. In “Model” space, set the line weight to “.000″ or Default Setting (every machine is different, so try both) in order to assure that the Laser Cutter will read the lines properly
4. Go to layout space. Modify the paper size to the settings provided (18″ by 32″)
5. Set your file to be 1:1 scale.
Note: Since the layout is set in inches, makes sure your file is also in inches. You would have to convert anything that is set up in millimeter
6. Once the file is set up at the correct scale, select “Plot”. A window will open open. Select “Properties”, then “Custom Properties”
7. A second window will open in which you will be able to set the Power, Speed and PPI (pulses per inch). These setting vary depending on the material and the thickness.
8. Once you have the appropriate laser setting click SET and plot.
9. The name of your file will appear in the Laser Cutter screen, make sure the settings are correct before hitting “Start”

NOTE: The laser does not cut evenly across the bed. These settings are an approximate to ensure that the file will always cut all the way through no matter where it is placed.

Chip board 4 PLY:
Power: 97
Speed: 3.5
PPI: 200