Vinyl Cutter (S)

MH USCutter (14″)


  • Draw lines and curves in Rhino
  • Join curves and lines (they do not all need to be joined but each line should not be made of many segments)
  • Check for repeated lines and delete any that are found
  • Assign colors to each separate action (e.g. pen, score, cut)
  • We usually use red for mountain, blue for valley, and green for cut but any colors can be used
  • Export to illustrator


  • Use template on desktop for 11×17
  • Scale drawing to fit within template boundaries
  • Save fileĀ (it is important to open the illustrator file exported from Rhino and re-save it, usually when this step is skipped an error occurs and Sure Cuts a Lot will not import correctly)

[Sure Cuts a Lot]:

  • Open Sure Cuts a Lot Pro
  • In the upper right hand corner look for the document size
  • Open the drop down menu and click on “custom size” if it needs to be changed
  • If cutting an 11×17 the Sure Cuts a Lot document size should be 9.75″ x 16″
  • Go to file>import and select your saved illustrator template file
  • In the upper right hand corner set the template to the origin (x:0 y:0)
  • The desired pen or scoring can be near the bottom and right side margins but at least an inch margin should be left on the left side and top
  • The point the pen will start at is the bottom right corner
  • If the lines have lost their color right click on the lines and select “break apart”
  • You must select the lines and change their colors using the panel for color on the right side
  • If individual lines are difficult to select expand the layers in the bottom right corner, it is easier to select lines here


  • Select “cutter” from the menu bar, then “cut with my USC cutter”
  • On the first page make sure the mode is set to “WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)” if it is set to “origin point” change it to WYSIWYG
  • At the top of the window click on the tab for “cut by color”
  • You will need to perform one action (pen, score, or cut) at a time
  • You can start with either score or pen
  • Always cut out last
  • Turn off the color layers that you will not be cutting by clicking on the blade image to the left of the layer
  • All layers except the one you are currently printing should be turned off, including any white layers that may not appear as lines
  • Check that either the blade or pen is in the machine
  • Put paper in the machine and line it up with the markings
  • Check that the clamps are aligned with the tape marks on the machine
  • Put the clamps down
  • Speed should be 80 and the pressure 240 for the pen (on the small machine), scoring, and cutting on regular inkjet paper
  • To change speed or pressure use the up and down or left and right arrows on the machine
  • Press reset to ensure the cutter begins at the origin
  • On the computer click “cut”
  • When it is finished you can move to the next action (e.g. pen or score)
  • Repeat previous steps and make sure only the layer you wish to cut or score is on
  • Check that the pen or scoring blade is in the machine
  • When finished repeat these steps
  • Repeat same steps for cutting out using blade labeled “cut”
  • Watch machine carefully as it is most prone to jamming during cutting, turn off if paper jams
  • If machine gets a paper jam turn off using switch on machine as quickly as possible
  • Sometimes turning off the machine like this can cause the software to freeze, if this happens reboot the computer
  • For elephant hide on small machine use 80 speed and 300-400 pressure for pen and score. Use 200 pressure for cut
  • Usually folds look nicest when scored lines are folded mountain and pen are valley
  • For study models it is quicker to do both mountain and valley lines with the pen
  • If the model is difficult to fold and deeper creased are desired, the pen can be run multiple times