Wire Bender

This bender can bend 0.125 and 0.0625 rods of galvanized steel.

Tutorial on using the computer software:

DIWIRE software tutorial PDF

pensa 1

pensa 2










-DO NOT use piano wire.

-NOTE: When soldering, make sure the material is clean. If there is grease from your hands on it, it will not work.

-please note that the angles of your shape can’t be greater than 135 degrees




In beetle blocks use the SVG polyline writer.

This example is drawing a star.

beetle blocks star  NOTE: Make sure to place SVG Line Coord. 2 after every move you make.

Your SVG file should be one continuous line.

Steps to Bend Wire

-open DIwire (on desktop)
-drop SVG file into the program


-the program will tell you if there’s a problem with the length or angle
-set your material
-make sure there’s enough extra wire (5.5″ to be exact)
-make sure the end of your wire isn’t too sharp (you can use the file to round it off)

-clean the wire with paper towels, removing grease

-turn on the machine

-feed wire into the machine:


make sure the tip doesn’t go past the front notch (see diagram on machine)


-once the wire is done bending, you can pull the wire out of the machine