Exercise 04 > 1D CNC

Material :

1/8″ Card Board – Aluminum rod *2 – Arduino board (includes USB cable) – Stepper motor with integrated lead screw – H-Bridge SN754100 – Breadboard

Diagrams :




Pictures :

img_0771 img_0772 img_0773


We built the CNC machine with the help of the laser cut files found on the website. At first, we had struggled with assembling it, as we did not cut the files correctly according to the direction of the corrugated cardboard. We still when through with the pieces and assembled the whole machine. Some of the pieces wouldn’t fit perfectly and were a bit tight but with enough force we were able to finalize it. The bottom part of the actual CNC box was not used as we did not see the need for it. Initially our Arduino board would not stick to the box but eventually, we used double sided tape on all four corners and it held well. Also, the cables connecting the bridge and the Arduino keep popping out as soon as we move the machine.