Physical Machine

I.     Initial Design Methods + Trials
II.    Materials + Components
III.   Fabrication Details
IV.   Building Process
V.    Documentation + Representation


I.     Initial Design Methods + Trials

A.     System of Stacking Masonite Trays

Based off of our previous system devised for our analog machine. At this scale (15″x30″ inner bed dimension), the masonite, even laminated, was way too flimsy.


img_1715-1 img_1716-2 img_1717-3 img_1720-4 img_1722-5 img_1724-6



B.     Sandwiching Box Frames





C.    Unparalleled trays

After assembling the outer box together, we started to put together the different trays. The box consists of 4 magnetic trays that are attached to pulleys and one middle tray that holds the main flexure pattern in place. Our first attempt with the interior trays failed for various reasons. The 4 outer bars that are there to keep the trays straight were supposed to fit tightly within the holes in the trays yet, due to bad calculations the designated holes were too big which stopped the trays from moving up and down horizontally (see pictures below). As we would push the trays they would bend in part also due to the poor pulley system put in place in that attempt. The pulley system consisted of 16 pulleys attached to the inner faces of the box, a cable with hooks that would attach to trays and supposed to move them simultaneously. Yet, the poor choice in hardware did not help with the lack of horizontality of the entire system.

p1080135-1 p1080138-2 p1080139-3 p1080140-4 p1080141-5 p1080143-6 p1080145-7 p1080152-8 p1080154-9 p1080156-10 p1080163-11 p1080166-12 p1080169-13

II.    Materials + Components

MDF 48″x96″ [x11] cut into thirds @ 32″x48″

B.     Hardware


CORNER BRACKET 1.5″ [x20] 17715A43

8-32 HEX NUT [x?] 90480A009

8-32 ROUND MACHINE SCREW 1/2″ [x?] 90276A194


1/8″ EYE-TO-EYE WIRE ROPE LANYARD 4′ [x16] 30645T864

1/2″ ALUMINUM TUBING 29.5″ [x4] 8978K14

Clamping Two-Piece Shaft Collar for 1/2″ Diameter, 2024 Aluminum 6436K71

3/8″ Opening Width S-Hooks 10 lbs. Capacity 6027T14

Low-Strength Steel Threaded Stud Zinc Plated, 1/4″-20 Thread, 1-1/2″ Long, Fully Threaded 95475A546

Zinc-Plated Steel Oversized Washer for 1/4″ Screw, 0.281″ ID, 1.5″ OD, 0.042″- 0.051″ Thickness 91090A113

Eye Nut-Style Hangers, 1/4″-20 Thread Size 91705A500


III.   Fabrication Details

All available for download as a DWG + STL at the bottom of the page.

A.     Side [x2]


B.     Front [x2]


C.     Top [x2]





IV.   Building Process

img_0491-6 img_0514-12 img_0561-4 img_1707-8 img_2096-11 img_3393-1 img_4201-9 img_4206-3 img_4556-7 img_4841-2 img_5484-13 img_6795-5 img_8593-10





V.    Documentation + Representation


A.     Photographs

B.     Elevations

C.     Sections