EX. 02 (3D GCode)

Printing on Stretched Fabric:

Not very successful. Will try to print with less material, only profile of the shape and use bigger opening with the stretchy filament. Initial Z step is set to 3 not 0. Bed at 50, Extruder 200


img_5241 img_5243

3D Print

Messing around with Z height..at .2 Extruder temp at 196 bed at 50


Had issues with printing and finally tested Z Step Increment to get better results. Inner triangle is still extruding too much.

img_5231  img_5242 img_5234

These are the first prints. I set up each beetle move less than 1 mm and it was extruding each time. Also z step over was too small, less than .2.




screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-10-16-31-pm           screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-10-17-00-pm665567e1-cf54-4de5-a218-27dcb3d34963

These are screen shots from Beetle Blocks, showing the intention of the script, as a series of squares offset from one another, with random movements in each layer. The printed result is much different as you can see, as the extruder did not stop from layer to layer, creating a droop in most cases since the previous layer had shifted, and the next layer had little to attach itself to.