EX. 05 (Prototyping)

Try press fit..

Converting Vertical Motion into Horizontal:

Shout out to B-RYCE:

Even though the model fits perfectly in Fusion, the printing quality and material offset for the gear though slight affected it. I need to lasercut the gear again just slightly scaled up and it should fit better. The gear, due to its diameter also makes the turn quite slowly, hence “Worm Gear”. I can change the diameter according to speed.

img_5282 img_5283 img_5284 img_5281

I added electrical tape to hold threaded rod in place with a little bit of glue to make sure it didn’t rotate.

It was a bit tedious to make sure alignment of thread and gear were correct. It is slightly above the gear itself. Also this is a right turn thread, if turned to the left the thread jumps on top of gear.

img_5278 img_5280

Adding holed to base and side walls that would hold thread in place.


The second version was better in its detail but was still a bit to big for the gear so I filed and sanded it a little.

img_5274 img_5276

Left: First prints imprecision did not fit into gear. Right: 3D prints, the left one is a second version scaled up slightly and using simplify, the right is the first print using Cura.

img_5275 img_5273

Lasercut gear using 123D Make!

img_5270 img_5269


Conversion of vertical motion to horizontal.

Analog Gears: Goal:

These are images of a worm gear and worm for a turntable. Will make to use for a hand cranked turntable and the base of machine.

img_4587 img_5566-1

Threaded rod, printed at too large of a scale.