Photography + Materials


The photography locker (the highest locker on the stack of three next to Liz’s desk) has different colored backgrounds (black, red, blue), two lights, a tripod with a phone mount, an extension cord and power strip. There is also a 48-inch roll of white paper on the bottom shelf next to the locker that anyone may use as a background.



The Gowanus E-waste Warehouse @ 469 President Street in Brooklyn

PC and Mac mice, PC and Mac keyboards, Flatscreen monitors, cords and cables (including USB, ethernet cord/Cat 5, VGA, DVI, HDMI, audio/video cables, etc.), CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes

I visited the warehouse and they said they can also take apart printers for motors, and they have lots of copper wire and other parts that could be potentially useful.


Lowes – Masonite

No one at Lowe’s knows what Masonite or hardboard is – if you ask them for it, they will send you away until you make yourself super annoying. It is also not where it says it is on the online in-store map. It is on the very bottom shelf at the very end of aisle 49 next to the reference desk. If it isn’t there, but it says they have it in stock on the website, you have to bug someone until they believe you and take you seriously.

The first two cuts are free, and after it is 25 cents per cut. The cutting machine is in the very back corner in aisle 54. If someone tells you that you need to pay before getting it cut – this is FALSE. Go get it cut anyway. You are actually supposed to get it cut before you pay for it. They will make you lug the material all around the store, and then tell you that you should have gotten it cut first. Don’t do this.