Analog Drawing Machine Inventions

Spirograph Simulator

Spirograph Art-O-Matic

DIY Spirograph

How to Make a Giant Spirograph

How to Make a Three-Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph

How to Make a Simple Harmonograph

Double Pendulum Senseless Drawing Bot




Anthony Howe’s Wind Sculptures

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests

Reuben Margolin’s waves;



Cycloid drawing machine

Fernando Orellana’s Enso Circle

Harvey Moon

Pinball Machine



WiFi Voxelization

WiFi app

Digital Wind

Kirlian Device



“The Spinning Cone” – Machine for removing alcohol from wine:

Watermaker – converts saltwater to freshwater onboard yachts: 

Safety wire pliers:


Contour Duplication Gage:

Carbon Fiber Loom:

Heinz Isler – jigs for fabric:

Track and Shaper for Plaster Dome:

Variable Square Wave output:
YouTube User shows how he programs arduino, but ultimately fails. The video is a little long, includes his strange sense of humor, and swearing.


Massive online database of kinematic models to demonstrate machine motion. This is a beautifully organized

WALKING WISHBONE – Arthur Ganson (?)
Takes surrounding sound and that of the of CNC gantry and translates into painting notations/movements:

MINIBUILDERS – Petr Novikov, Sasa Jokic + Team (2014)
Three separate roving printers aimed at scaling the printing process. The most impressive being one that uses suction to climb and extrude on vertical surfaces:

REAPER – Carl C Pisaturo (2003)
Simple translation of rotational motion to a more complex stroking motion:

Small device that can be strung up to triangulate 3D points in space:

SPIROGLYPH – Carl C Pisaturo (2011)
The physics behind the device enable a transition between chaotic and periodic motion, this can be achieved with just ball bearings and weights. It doesn’t actually need motors just an initial spin:





Roxy Paine – Scumak no. 1, automated sculpture assembly line –

Y&S – Gummy Candy Production Line –

Sougwen Chun – Drawing Operations, collaborative drawing robot –

Ted Lawson – Ghost in the Machine, drawing maching w/ I.V. drip inkwell –

Bruce Shapiro – Sisyphus III, sonic control of marble on sand –

Ryan Oakes – Perspective Tracing Tool –

Royal de Luxe – Mechanical Large Scale Puppetry, massive mechanical marionette –

Reuben Margolin – Nebula, Cam operated Kinetic Sculpture –

Augmented Materiality (greyshed) –

Stone Spray Robot by Anna Kulik, Inder Shergill and Petr Novikov (IAAC) –

PolyDexter (Maeshiro Design) –

Paint Dripper (Roxy Paine) –

SUMAK (Roxy Paine) –

Erosion Machine (Roxy Paine) NO VIDEO –

Texture Tectonics (Ellie Abrons) NO VIDEO –

Meta-Matics (Jean Tinguely) – – -Dali Arm

Spin Paintings (Damien Hirst) –

Art Machines Machine Art at Museum Tinguely, Basel (Switzerland) –


Arthur Ganson:
“Machine with Chair” –
“Machine with Oil” –
“Machine with Wishbone” –
Ice Cream Cone Machine –
Smoking Machine –


Serata Treadle Sewing Machine 1913:


Rube Goldberg_Honda Commercial 2003:

Silk Pavilion 2013.. The Mediated Matter group:

Beading Machine-Sheet Metal:

Olivier van Herpt 3D Dripping (wax) 2012:

David Bushnell Submarine (Turtle) 1776:

Boiler Feed Water Pump 1958 model.. :

Super Light Printing Material…Ice Support 2016?:


Slow Motion Machine –


Cow Milking Machine –


Liquid Handling Pipette Machine –


Plant Experiment Handling Machine –


Self Driving Pool Cleaner –


Flow Hive –


Apple Peeler –


Wool Carding Machine –


Friction Welding Machine –


References: BRYCE


-Erosion Machine






-Knife Party


-Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus


-Capacity for Urban Eden




PAPER AIRPLANE MACHINES (various examples)

DOMINOES (not the entire thing, but @1:20-3:15 and @3:58-4:04 where there is more 3D “falling”)

MAGNETS/COILS (#1 via ink on rotating ball + #2 via magnetic powder)

GRAVITY (if the marbles left marks)


SAND DRAWINGS (#1 via rotating rake, #2 via magnets and motor, #3 via 4 cable system)

TABLEAU (as a method of pushing parts)


JESSE HOULDING (truck drawing, telluric currents, and magnet drawing)

EVAN HOLM (drawing machine 1, drawing machine 2, submerged turntables, and crystal turntables)

KRISTOFFER MYSKJA (smoking machine, covering up gold, inference machine, etc.)

DESMOND PAUL HENRY (link to camera-less photography, but he also made various drawing machines in the 60’s)


MARBLE SOUND MACHINE (doesn’t produce something physical, but produces sound)

HUMAN POWERED CRANES (as a method of erecting specific structures)

VARIOUS PASTA MAKING (specifically the fusilli @1:35)


CHICKEN WIRE KNITTING MACHINE (#1 is a full video, #2 is a quick gif)

VICTORIAN DROP CANDY MAKING MACHINE (#1 is full video, #2 is a gif of video starting at ~3:50)


PIPE BENDING (various types/scales)


FORDSON SNOW MACHINE (1929, runs on giant screws)

NICHOLAS HANNA (bubble machines)

MIRRORS/LIGHTS (reflections/projections as “drawings”)

(Jonty Hurwitz, Catropic Anamorphosis)

(Olafur Eliasson)



(1940’s women’s gym – machines exercise them)

(modern leg/neck stretcher)

(human stretching machines/torture)


(night-splint foot rotator – I have an antique one of these and this was the closest I could find online)

Drawing Machine by J.L.Griffiths

The Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez

Wind-Driven Drawing Machine by Jamie Newton

Jean Tinguely Machines

Cameron Robbins :
Aeolian Geogramme :
Anemograph (light drawing) :
Wind Section – Instrumental / Sonic Wind Section :
DEPOT and Binary Opposites IV :
More of his work :

Circumstances by Lesli A. Grossman

Drawing Machine by Robert Twomey

Point Cloud by James Leng



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POLA Ginza Facade Panel myrollovertext=%3Cu%3EPOLA+Ginza+Building+Facade%3C%2Fu%3E&category=&projectname= POLA+Ginza+Building+Facade.

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Templated Swarm Printing

Gravity Mechanism, Dan Grayber­suspension/

AADRL Spyropoulos Design Lab

AntBallet Machine­ballet/



Robotic Extrusions, College of Architecture at Tonji University, 2015

Case Studies, Francois Roche

Red, Dmitry Morozov, 2015

Autonomous Machines, Echo Yang, 2013Photo Library

Ping Pong Powered Drum Machine, Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design, 2015

Drawing Machine, Fernando Orellana, 2008

Drawing Machines, Alan Storey

3D Dripping, Olivier Van Herpt, 2015




Hans jenny Video –
Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics –
Cymatics Music Video
The Essence of sound
Goo –


Berg RFID field visualization

Rebecca Horn – Flying Books Under Black Rain Painting

Adjustable Focus 3D Printed Liquid Lens

Yael Erel -Subliminal transcriptions

Jifei Ou – PneUI

PrimeTest Automation’s CandyBOT – Fanuc M1 Demonstration

Madeline Gannon – Robot Tamer

Rock Printing – Self Assembly Lab

Tim Hawkinson

Jeff Lieberman & Dan Paluska: Absolut Quartet, 2008

Non-Newtonian Fluid in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Dying Slave – Odani Motohiko

Rope Fountain -Paolo Salvagione

Jürg Lehni

Nissin 3D pipe bender

Analogue 3D Clay Printer