EX 0.5 – Prototyping

Two Axis IV Drip

Taking advantage of the one axis CNC, the vinyl cutter and the new table that Grey developed we began to explore the possibilities of creating drawings off of a two axis IV drip. These drawings were developed through the movement of two axis, one generally going back and forth at one consistent motion, the other dictated by the cordinated of a previous sine drawing. The results were heavily noise related, but with adjustments there is potential for a lot of control. The issue regarding this is the simplicity of the script within the vinyl cutter to make the results more predictable.

Basic Setup:

IV Drip hung on center over the drawing between each axis.

Send drawing on vinyl cutter while simultaneously starting one axis 1-D CNC.

Allow slow drip on IV


 The primary variables are ink flow, string tightness, movement.

Ink Flow: While the ink runs it begins to create pockets of density, these pockets dictate the “smearing” from the string. More string more smearing, less string less smearing.

Tightness: Directly effects the fidelity of the drawing. Could potentially be interesting to incorporate a gear setup for tightness.

Movement: The script sent to the vinyl cutter should be simple. The more complex the drawing is the more fine tuned the other variables must be.

CNC Link: Here

SVG Link: Here


IV Drip

Black Ink

CNC’d Vinyl Cutter Table

Vinyl Cutter

1D-CNC Machine

Plywood CNC Parts at 1/2″


20160925_163412 20160925_163421 20160925_163505





Rubber Band Powered Fan

This is a first attempt at prototyping a simple machine using AutoDesk Fusion 360 and AutoDesk Print Studio. The concept of a rubber band powered machine was inspired by an Instructables tutorial and a YouTube tutorial. The machine consists of a 3D printed fan, attached to a rubber band, which is wound by a knob. The assembly is supported by a base with bushings designed to let the fan and knob spin. The bushings are fastened by 1/8″ steel rod.

Instructable Link: Here

YouTube Link: Here

G Code Link: Here


2.85mm PLA

1/8″ Steel Rod

1 Rubber Band

AutoDesk Fusion 360

AutoDesk Print Studio

Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

Finished machine
Finished machine

AutoDesk Fusion 360 + Print Studio

UltiMaker 2+