Ex 01 | 2d DWG

2D Drawings from BeetleBlocks

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Curves From Agents

This project is an attempt to replicate “dumb” agent behaviors. The curve starts straight and becomes increasingly random as it iterates upwards.


2D_ShapesFromAgents_Curves           2D_ShapesFromAgents_Curves2


Curves From Agents 002

“Dumb” agents create concentric circles increasing in randomness as they move outward, or upward.

2D_ShapesFromAgents            5b5d263d-31c2-4b57-9149-3db395dda985

p1030301     p1030303


Random Web

Straight lines cross a square space in an increasingly random nature.

2D_Hatchpatterns         2D_Hatchpatterns2



Simple movement with move,rotate,scale but the issue is: this drawing is made by multiple clicks at the block with random time intervals.

wheel            wheel

wheel print

capture             f1fc2b5a-a3b2-4363-8f77-0a35be946500

Updated script based on previous issue


Water Color experiment

With water color paint pre-dotted onto the paper in 8X8″ grid, the vinyl cutter holds the brush with water and picks up the paint while drawing.

img_4756-1    img_4754



By changing the scale and color every time when beetle move and rotate, the lines are shown as 8 lotus petals.




Lotus-Ori                       Lotus-Ori



By adding a variable into the loop, it allows the circles to rotate and overlap so that the new pattern are shown through repetition.


Lotus-V01                        Lotus-V01




By changing the numbers and reversing sin&cos in the sphere script, the lines change but still containing a sphere in space.

sound-V01                       sound-V01



Marble Drawing Machine

Initial idea: Marbles displace previously deposited charcoal reservoirs.

Attempt 01 // Vinyl Cutter Hack

Manual test

  • Placed a small pile of powdered charcoal in center
  • Used plastic ‘pearls’, manually rolled them around
Paper roll try


Paper roll try

We tried to tape both edges of the paper with tape and cut the tape in 1inch distance, thus we assumed it would be rolled easier and prevent the marbles from falling off the paper.

But it turned out to be failure due to the stickiness of tape

 Skteches img_4930 img_4931 img_4932


 3d Model

  • We want to re-purpose the machine’s paper rollers as a way of spreading the paper.
 Grey’s great coincident invention

  • We thought we could develop a 3d printed part to mount the machine’s rods onto this base. See below.
 Rod Bracket Modeling




































3d printed parts:


Attempt 02// Plotter Part Hack

 Found item!

  • We found an old internal printer component that we wanted to hack to produce a simple manual version of the above idea.
 Back View  img_4921
 Disassembly  img_4923
 Reassembly  img_4926
 3d printed hand crank  gear_to_acsync-v5

Attempt 03 // Vinyl Cutter Hack-V2

Beetle Blocks script capture124abab9-f17e-4227-944d-91e93940d5d4
Charcoal powder deposit device ballpoint_graphite_v02-v8ballpoint_graphite_v02-v10
Assembly img_4996img_4997
Tilting assembly img_4999

 Drawing img_6108img_6107