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3D gCode from BeetleBlocks

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Makerbot Replicator 2 Exporter for Beetleblocks

We’ve developed a gCode writer that allows you to export code for a Makerbot Replicator 2. You can find it here! Note: You will need to convert code from .gCode to .x3g – Replicator G is a free tool that will make your file type Makerbot ready!


Curves From Agents 002

“Dumb” agents create concentric circles increasing in randomness as they move outward, or upward. This script is a variation of a 2d example on the previous page.


3d-prints-1     3d-prints-2

2d_shapesfromagents     5b5d263d-31c2-4b57-9149-3db395dda985



Hairy Cone 

This script creates an incrementally rotating polygon where each side is extended in space. The toolpath that these extensions create are defined by a ‘pause’ (or ‘dwell’) at their end, essentially letting the filament flow and drape naturally. These duration of these pauses are randomized to produce variation.

3d-cone-tom-02                        3d-cone-tom




Stroke the Furry Wall

This script creates a wall structure with toolpaths that alternate off of this wall to create a similar draping effect to the above example. We again introduced different levels of ‘randomness’ to multiple components of the script.

3d-wall-01                        3d-wall-02                     


3d-prints-14 3d-prints-15

3d-prints-16 3d-prints-17



Sine Basket

This script attempts to make forms and structures with a continuous sine curve toolpath. Every layer is exactly misaligned with the previous.

3d-rotating-sin-03                    3d-rotating-sin-02               


3d-prints-12 3d-prints-11




3d-prints-5 3d-prints-6

3d-prints-7 3d-prints-8




This script attempts to make a cone in curvy section and spread out little legs along the outline.

cone                        cone