Ex 05 | 1:1 Prototyping

End Effector 1 – WDM – (Wax Deposition Modeling)

Attempt: We wanted to create a hot end that would melt wax pellets to create a consistent drip.

Initial 3D model

  • Download STL here!
  • Buy aluminum cone here.
Hot glue gun Hack

  • We’ve salvaged the heating elements and nozzles from several cheap generic hot glue guns.
Assembly process

  • Kapton tape is your friend

  • We used two heating elements, one on the nozzle and another on the cone.



End Effector 2 – WDMm – Fusion





 3D Printed Gimbal Assembly

  • We tried to produce a device that kept the center of the nozzle and the center equilibrium point of the bed consistent.
  • Download the STLs here
  • We wire bent a ‘hanger’ for the nozzle that would allow it to hang perpendicular to the ground plane.
  • The hinges are all constructed with 8th inch wire and M4 washers. There are slots in the print (see drawing below) where we inserted 2 washers. This creates a metal to metal hinge that has lass friction that metal to plastic.



3D Printed Hand Crank Assembly gear_to_acsync-v5