Website 101

Uploading files other than JPEG:

There’s a Widget Icon on the tool bar in your page editor.


You can drag and drop your file or manually select. Scroll down and select “Add File”.


Once you’ve added your file, select the next tab over “Single File”. Scroll down and you will see a thumbnail and link to your newly uploaded file.


Once clicked it converts and pastes file onto page editor as a shortcode. screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-5-17-43-pm

This links to the how to website..with lots of text.


Adding Files

Making Page Layout Full Width:

Go to “page attributes” on right sidebar and look through “Template” dropdown menu.


Using Meta Slider for Photos:

Click “Meta Slider” on the bottom of the dashboard.


Click “Add Slide” and select uploaded images or drag and drop. You can change slider name by clicking on the “New Slider” tab.



Your Images will appear like so. You may make them linkable. The right sidebar controls size of overall slider

  • If you change Width/height that WILL CROP ALL IMAGES
  • Captions will appear as a bar over lower portion of each captioned image.


Click “Save” in right sidebar.

Scroll down and copy “Shortcode” and paste into your page editor.




Uploading Video’s:

Go to “Add Media” at the top of your page editor. Select “Crete Video Playlist” on the left side bar.


The select Upload files. Do 1 video at a time!



In addition to add videos, they must be in “.MOV” format. Below is a bulk converter for movie files.

“.MOV” Converter:

For a great video converter to “.mov” you should download MPEG. It’s freeware and available for both MAC and PC. You will need quick-time for “.mov” codecs.

Link: Here

Apple Quicktime: Here

Below is a step by step for what codec you should use. NOTE: Not all apple video codecs function with WordPress “H.264” is best

2016-09-26-3 2016-09-26-4 2016-09-26-5 2016-09-26-6