SCPS Testimonials

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“I’m writing to give a glowing review of Pamela Vaile’s course. Not only is Pamela full of knowledge and wisdom from her years in the industry, her warmth and candour should be an example to any professor teaching. Her willingness to share information, her insight and the material she chose to cover in the class provided me with great perspective as someone with an entrepreneurial spirit but without the benefit of an MBA. While the homework was demanding, there was no busy work assigned; everything Pamela asked of us felt purposeful, and she was understanding that her students were working professionals for whom time was sometimes scarce. I cannot thank her enough for teaching the course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to gain more insight into the business side of the fragrance industry. Huzzah!”

–Michael Nordstrand

“Entrepreneurship and the Creation of a Fragrance Brand was my first time back in a classroom in two decades. As a serial entrepreneur, I found this class to be enlightening. The textbooks are lifetime keepers. The knowledge Professor Vaile has in the industry makes this class extraordinary. Being taught by an industry leader, such as Professor Vaile, put this class at the top. Her assignments were on point and showed us what we needed to know about getting into the fragrance industry. Simultaneously, as I researched to complete the assignments, the education received about the people in this industry is priceless. Because of Professor Vaile and her ability to teach and make sure our tasks were complete, I’m excited to continue to Technique Language and Perfumery. Professor Vaile is an amazing teacher. Thank you, Professor Vaile, for teaching this course. The evaluation of this course is 100%. If I could rank this higher I would.”

 —Michele Fiore


“I cannot rave enough about how fantastic the Jewelry Design + Development class and the Jewelry Design and Marketing Certificate program at Pratt SCPS is as a whole. This class really helped me shift into gear and feel more professional every step of the way as I launch my own collection. Carolyn taught me how to develop a creative design process that will last and keep me going as a designer. This course and the program have been game changers!”