Student and Alumni Feature: Adrian De Propertis

Courtesy of Adrian De Propertis

Adrian De Propertis is a Digital Artist, Graphic Designer and Product Designer currently studying at Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. He is originally from Melbourne, Australia, where he studied at Deakin University, recorded and performed in metal bands, and trained in acting and film production. He received an opportunity to study design at Pratt Institute and quickly discovered that he had a talent for creating art, photography, motion design and illustration. So far Adrian has truly enjoyed his life in New York City and feels a deep connection to this city since moving here. Keep reading to learn all about Adrian’s experiences as a Pratt student, his exceptional art and design work and the lessons he has learned throughout his career in the creative world.

Pratt SCPS: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Adrian De Propertis: Picasso may have said good artists borrow, great artists steal. I create mood boards on Pinterest often collecting information on color, illustration and motion and draw inspiration from films, music and literature. I look at art and installation everywhere and pay attention to what excited me. I really enjoy digital design and illustration. I’m a big film and music buff and love movies like Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Lawrence of Arabia to name a few. I love reading when I can and I’m a big Dune fan. I love music, and used to be a vocalist for a metal band in Melbourne. I have a lot of dark influences from Punk Rock, Metal and Hardcore music, but am also a huge Indie, Shoegaze & New Wave fan.

Courtesy of Adrian De Propertis

Pratt SCPSWhat motivated you to pursue a career in digital design?

Adrian De Propertis: I feel as though I can express myself through design to really show a part of me. Someone once told me not to die with my music still in me. Design is art and a piece of me pours onto the canvas. I get immense gratification for hard work well done. I can use my technical direction skills along with my vision to communicate and evolve ideas to an even greater level. I enjoy the practical and technical aspect of designing products that can change people’s lives.

Pratt SCPSWhat would you consider the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in pursuing this aspiration?

Adrian De Propertis:  Sometimes it’s a challenge to work and study at the same time, which means sacrifice and hard work in a competitive city. But I’m doing what I love and feel blessed in spite of the realities of paying bills. This has taught me to prioritize my time and never to settle or sell myself short.

Courtesy of Adrian De Propertis

Pratt SCPSWhat part of the Pratt experience do you reflect on the most? If you’re still a student what courses have been the most influential?

Adrian De Propertis: Illustrator class and Photoshop really changed my life. I learned skills that I never knew I had. My teachers encouraged and had faith in me. I’m also learning the complex art of motion graphics on after effects and delving deeper into SFX plugins like trapcode and 3D tools to benefit me in the future.

Pratt SCPSWhat advice do you have for creative professionals who desire to launch their own art and design careers or companies in the future?

Adrian De Propertis: If you really want something you have already told the universe you want it and it’s on its way to you. That’s kind of why they say never to give up because success does happen! Define yourself and don’t let anyone tell you what you are or your worth or what your limitations are. Discern what matters, focus on your goals and create. Networking is also essential. I give out at least a couple of business cards a week. I go to meetup events, and talk to people. Work that Instagram too, look at other designers and artists out there, and Pinterest is also very useful. Never give up, believe in yourself and make it happen. I’m grateful because Pratt has given me the skills, training, knowledge and experience to be a success!

Courtesy of Adrian De Propertis

To learn more about Adrian and his work,  check out his website, AdrianDepp . Make sure to follow both Pratt SCPS and Adrian De Propertis on social media.


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