September 2020 Exhibition Design Event


Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 6:00-6:45pm EST



Allen Wilpon, Pratt SCPS Adjunct Associate Professor/Lecturer, will headline the online Zoom session What Makes an Exhibition Design Stand Out: The Role of the Designer on Wednesday, September 23 from 6:00-6:45pm.

The lecture will cover the essential elements that can make an exhibition design uniquely compelling, whether for art and/or design exhibitions; and will introduce Pratt SCPS’s Exhibition Design Certificate Program. A Q&A period will follow the presentation.

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Pratt Earth Action Week 2020 – Integrative Mind / Body Event


Friday, September 25, 2020, 2:30-3:30pm EST



Led by Joelle Danant, Program Director, Credit Continuing Education Instructor, and Lecturer, Continuing and Professional Studies, Athletics

Meditation, sound healing, and chanting contribute to sustainability by elevating our vibrations and fostering balance toward wholeness. Starting with a guided meditation on the Elements—Earth, Air, Water & Light (Part 1)—we shift our attention from receiving their goodness, to giving back by sending compassion, gratitude, and blessings to the Life that sustains us. Part Two of this session consists of a sound healing session using world acoustic instruments, followed by an invitation to join our voices in life-affirming chants (using original music) for upliftment of self and the world.

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Pratt Earth Action Week

Pratt School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Pratt Integrative Mind and Body Program

Pratt Earth Action Week 2020 – Sustainable Design Event


Friday, September 25, 2020, 6:00-7:00pm EST



Moderated by Carolyn Shafer, Director of Sustainability for Academic Affairs, Pratt Institute


  • Kat Choate, Visiting Instructor, Pratt Institute
  • Joelle Danant, Program Director and Visiting Instructor, Pratt SCPS
  • Megan Dwyer, Graduate of the SDC program
  • Alison Irvine, Visiting Instructor, Pratt Institute
  • Elizabeth Lee, Graduate of the SDC program
  • Tetsu Ohara, Interior Design Faculty, Pratt Institute
  • Daniel Penge, Visiting Instructor, Pratt Institute

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Pratt Earth Action Week

Pratt SCPS Sustainable Design Program



Adjusting to online classes can be challenging! Here are a few tips to get the most out of your experience and connect with your instructor and fellow learners.


1. Review instructor feedback. Make time to review prior feedback and notes before class. Have a list of questions ready to ask about anything that isn’t 100% clear. SCPS instructors will make time for Q&A; they want you to get all you can from your courses! There are no stupid questions, only lost opportunities.

[Provide feedback, too! Let your instructor know if there’s something they did in class that you liked. This will help them improve their online teaching skills—they are looking for ways to engage you.]

2. Take photos of your work. Take photos of your work and share files through Canvas. This also gives you a digital record for the future!

[Feel free to send to photos of your work, photos of you creating your work, or photos of you attending class to Kristen at We’d love to show prospective students what it’s like to take classes & create at Pratt!]

3. Make sure your files are in the right format. When it’s your time to upload files for a presentation or class assignment, ensure your files are the right type and size for uploading well before class begins so you’re not crunched for time at the last minute.


4. Turn on your camera.

I know. You didn’t brush your hair. However, if you have camera access, use it! It creates a more personal learning experience, allows the teacher to see your reactions, and connects you to other class members. Don’t be a silent observer! You paid for the class; you deserve to get ALL you can from it.

Understand that your instructor may not feel “camera-ready,” either. They are working hard to adjust to the online format. Finding the ideal light/angle may not be at the forefront of their priorities! 

5. Use the chat box. Especially if you don’t have camera access, the chat box can be your best tool for communication. Make sure you are participating! It can also be a good way to get your questions in without interrupting at an inopportune time.

6. Check every tab. View every tab in Canvas—Files, Downloads, & Discussions—so you don’t miss any important content.

7. Capture comments. When instructors make comments on your assignments in Canvas, experiment with the best way to capture them for future reference. One method is to take a screenshot, retitle it, and save it to your class folder.


8. Download course files. Use Google Drive, Base Camp, an external hard drive, or a flash drive to store course files & class recordings after each session. NOTE: OneKey remains “live” for 31 days after a class ends. After that, class access is closed.


9. Network! We cannot emphasize this enough! Not only does this help with class content and assignments, it also creates a community and a networking base for the next stage in your career.

10. Use free search tools. org is a huge, wonderful resource! Download and save whatever is FREE and RELEVANT to your course of study or field of interest.

Special thanks to Roy Pachecano (Lecturer, Pratt SCPS; President, Portico R.E.I. LLC; Assistant Adjunct Professor, Columbia University) for helping out with this post! Roy is an amazing professor with the Pratt School of Continuing and Professional Studies’ Architecture Program.

Summer 2020 at SCPS – An Overview of Upcoming Online Courses, Intensives and Workshops

Courtesy of Fiona Szende

The spring semester is wrapping up at Pratt Institute which means it’s time to get ready for the summer! Registration is currently open for the summer term at Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS). In accordance with the stay at home and social distancing measures in place across New York City due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pratt Institute has transitioned its summer programming to an online format. For information about the efforts Pratt has in place to continue to support students throughout this unique time period visit the Pratt Health Advisory webpage.

The transition to virtual teaching presents a range of exciting possibilities for the Pratt community to learn and create together. We encourage current and prospective students to take advantage of the opportunity to study remotely at Pratt SCPS through our online summer programming. Students will have the option to select from a wide range of courses and intensives that can accommodate all schedule types. Whether you’re looking to build your art and design portfolio or simply interested in diving into a new subject area, consider enrolling in one of our credit or noncredit intensives.  To make the selection process easier, here’s a roundup of all the programs taking place this summer online at Pratt SCPS.

The first set of courses offered online this summer are Credit Summer Intensives. There are two sessions taking place with classes meeting virtually over the course of four weeks during the months of June and July. Students interested in registering for the credit summer intensives can choose from the following areas: creative writing, digital photography, drawing, fine arts, fashion design, architecture graphic design, illustration, industrial design, interior design, sustainable design, three-dimensional design. To learn more  about the intensives being offered in each summer session: Summer Credit Intensives.

Student Painting
Courtesy of Daniel Terna

If you’re interested in enrolling in summer courses that have even more flexible class time schedules, consider registering for one or more of the Two-week, Three-Week and Four-Week intensives.  These intensives will be taking place from June through August. Select from an assortment of intensives that include lighting design, design leadership, human centered design, exhibition design and visual branding.  To learn more about the noncredit intensives being offered throughout the summer: Noncredit Summer Intensives.

In conjunction with the array of course options available to students through our Summer Intensives programming, is the online PreCollege Summer Program geared specifically to high school students. Students interested in the online PreCollege Program have the opportunity to select from a range of credit and noncredit courses modeled off of Pratt’s undergraduate programs and taught by Pratt faculty. The online PreCollege Summer Program is a great opportunity for high school students to explore their creative passions, prepare for college, and create an exemplary art and design portfolio. To learn more about the courses offered to to high school students at Pratt Institute this summer: PreCollege Summer Online Program

With the beginning of the summer term just six weeks away there is no better time than right now to plan out your summer. Make the most of this time by registering for one or more online courses at Pratt School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

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An Insightful Conversation with Master Florist and fleursBELLA founder, Bella Meyer

Courtesy of fleursBELLA

For the month of February, we are spotlighting Master Florist, and creator of fleursBELLA, Bella Meyer. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Bella about her incredible family history and learn more about her immense portfolio of accomplishments which includes obtaining a Ph.D. in Medieval Art History from the Sorbonne in Paris and working for the French Embassy in NYC. Bella Meyer was originally born in Paris, but raised in Switzerland, and naturally found herself immersed in the world of art being the granddaughter of historic artist, Marc Chagall.  As fate would have it, Bella Meyer was destined to build upon her grandfather’s legacy in the art world through creating her own impact in the field of floral art and design.

In 2005, Bella created her floral design studio, fleursBELLA and officially opened the doors to its current location in downtown Manhattan in 2010. Her voyage through the world of art into the field of floral design is as enchanting as her magnificent floral design studio. This spring Bella will be teaching an exciting workshop in the Floral Art for Interiors program at Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS). Keep reading to learn more about Bella’s professional achievements, family history and her journey as an educator at Pratt Institute.

Pratt SCPS:  Bella you have an incredible resume of accomplishments and a profound history within the art field, could you share a little about your background and what led you into the world of floral art and design?

Bella Meyer:  Art was always the focus in my life. I grew up in a family which believed that art was essential to existence. My father needed to reflect through an art work to understand a thought process. My mother’s main attention was directed towards her father’s work, my grandfather Marc Chagall, who in turn, fiercely believed in the necessity in Art, and its spiritual powers. And so I came to understand that I needed art! Reflecting on its meanings, continuously inspired by daily discoveries of artistic creations, old and new, I also felt the need to make things, to paint, to draw, but this maybe more as expression of great respect to whatever I saw. This need of extrapolating what I felt around me, lead me to design and build theater and dance costumes and props, and even puppets to tell some fleeting stories. I wanted to bring vibrant colors to spaces and moments.

Thus, it was an extraordinary revelation when I was introduced, led by a floral designer, to the richness of the flower market on 28th Street, as we entered the ominous 2 room caverns of Fischer & Page. What magic! I couldn’t believe it: There it was: the complete world of thousands of colors just glaring at me! Tulips, ranunculus, roses, scabiosa, all made me understand that they owned the wisdom of all hues in nature, and only they could lead me to an understanding of this immense world of colors. I had been familiar with the street flower markets in Europe, and readily bought them, always attracted by their colors, to bring and give to my mother, my grandfather, my friends; Yet the possibility of using them, or working with them, to create a specific message, had never occurred to me before. It took me another few years, after learning about floral design, through reading, taking classes and interning, to have the courage to create fleursBELLA.

Courtesy of Saskia Kahn

Pratt SCPS:  How would you describe your artistic aesthetic and what inspires you?

Bella Meyer:  My aesthetic is probably more organic, but strong lines, movement and colors are equally prevalent. Nature is my inspiration. A walk in the forest will always give me clues and answers. The sky, and its light, will give me such encouragement. And then, yes, a single little flower, or a leaf, and the deep silence of a prairie are equally as important, as is any message which might emerge from some one’s art work.

Pratt SCPS: What would you say has been your greatest professional achievement so far? 

Bella Meyer:  Walking into our studio fleursBELLA, with my team organizing the flowers in the front to welcome customers, or working on some wonderful, unique designs for various events, makes me feel very grateful and quite proud! And then I reflect on the large installations we did over the years, whether they were for BAM, on their main Opera Stage (Hermione), or transforming the huge then still raw 2 World Trade Center floors into a large forest, or covering the Frank Gehry staircase of Signature Theatre with thousands of orchids and ticket stubs. Having a colossal but ever so ephemeral looking angel fly down into the rotunda of the Art Museum in San Diego blessing nature and all visitors.

I love for us to take on challenges to respond to smaller art shows, and ever so respectfully and delicately create a dialog with the work exhibited. Bringing in large flowering branches, or small accents to a restaurant, thus creating a mere quiet backdrop to the diners, seems to be just as big an achievement as surprising knowledgeable guests to any Botanical Garden Gala party. Each project brings its own inspiring challenges, and thus feels to be yet our greatest professional achievement

Pratt SCPS:  When did your Pratt journey as an Instructor begin and what has it been like?

Bella Meyer:  My journey with Pratt started in the fall of 2017, when I was still teaching periodically for Flower School New York. Eileen Johnson, its founder and now former director, had introduced me to this wonderful new program incorporating Floral Art into the various disciplines which Pratt has to offer. Each season, I have been greatly inspired by how much the students are bringing into the class.

Pratt SCPS:  As a Faculty Member in the Floral Art for Interiors Program what legacy do you hope to impart to your students?

Bella Meyer:  Well, legacy is maybe too ominous a word, but I hope to give students the freedom to approach each floral creation in their very own and unique ways, while reminding them of listening to each flower’s movement, colors and needs. A floral design can only shine, if it tells a story; thus each arrangement is unique, created from the designer’s heart.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bella Meyer and her upcoming workshop at Pratt SCPS, A Wild Duet: Celebrations of the Arts via Foraged Materials, visit our main website.

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Spring at Pratt SCPS – A Roundup of Events, Programs and Workshops

Courtesy of Daniel Terna

Next week the spring semester officially kicks off at Pratt Institute. With the official start of the spring semester just days away, we at Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) would like to invite current and prospective students to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered through our spring programming.

There are a plethora of exciting courses, events and workshops occurring this spring at Pratt SCPS to keep you busy and inspired throughout the spring season. With the flowers blossoming and the days getting longer, why  not make the most of this spring. If you’d like to learn a new skill or sharpen your current skill sets,  explore one of the extensive array of programs offered this semester which include sustainable design, branding and digital marketing, exhibition design, perfumery, digital design, fashion new media, fine art, furniture design and much more. For a complete overview of the spring programs check out: Certificate Programs.

To accompany your studies this semester make sure to check out the campus wide events and activities taking place during these next few months at Pratt. A few upcoming events on the horizon at Pratt SCPS include  a Perfumery Workshop, Fragrance Day and Green Week. In addition to this, for those who enjoy traveling, keep reading to learn about two incredible upcoming study abroad trips taking place this May in Paris and Barcelona through Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Courtesy of Saskia Kahn

Perfumery Workshop  (Pratt Manhattan)

On Thursday, January 23rd, at 6:30 PM, Pratt Institute School of Continuing and Professional Studies will be presenting an exciting Perfumery Workshop in collaboration with Cinquième Sens. This workshop will feature Pratt faculty members Raymond Matts, the founder of The Art of Perfumery and Pamela Vaile, the President of Pamela Vaile Consulting LLC. Guests will have the opportunity to learn a bit about the perfumery field from these two visionary experts and get a glimpse of the Advanced Perfumery Certificate program at Pratt SCPS taking place this spring. For more information about this event or to buy tickets to attend: Perfumery Workshop.

Green Week (March 2020)

Every year during the month of March, Green Week takes place across campus.  Pratt Institute participates in this  week-long event which helps to encourage and support environmental awareness and sustainability. Throughout Green Week, a schedule of campus-wide events and programs will take place which include panel discussions, film screenings, faculty lectures and presentations, undergraduate and graduate student exhibitions,  yoga classes and much more. For more information about Green Week including a list of all of the events taking place visit the Pratt Sustainability Coalition

Courtesy of Daniel Corneschi

Study Abroad Trips (May 2020)

During the month of  May,  Pratt SCPS will be offering two incredible study abroad trips: Urban Sketchers in Barcelona and Paris Fragrance Odyssey. If you’re passionate about drawing and sketching sign up for the urban sketching trip. Led by artist and esteemed Pratt faculty member, Mark Leibowitz. Students will have the opportunity to  explore Barcelona and take in  the city’s incredible architecture through sketching and drawing. To learn more about this exciting upcoming trip: Urban Sketchers In Barcelona. Perfumery and fragrance lovers are invited to join us for the Paris Fragrance Odyssey in collaboration with Cinquième Sens. Students will have the opportunity to discover the secrets and history of the fragrance field in the city that houses some of the oldest perfumery establishments in the world.  To learn more about this once in a lifetime trip visit: Paris Fragrance Odyssey .

For more information about events and programs taking place across both the Manhattan and Brooklyn campuses this fall check out the Pratt Events Calendar.

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