The UA department will offer ‘ARCH 563A – Research Topics’ in the Fall 2016 semester. This initiative is to support faculty research.

We are pleased to launch this academic program that will both support faculty and involve students in research projects. We are looking for faculty members who would like to apply for a student research assistant (RA) who will receive 3 academic credits under their guidance. The program will consider all forms of research with academic merit: design based, theoretical, experimental and scholarly (The role of the student must follow NAAB’s parameters for independent studies with a defined set of learning objectives. See application guidelines below.)

In addition to their work with a faculty member, all research assistants will have a faculty supervisor with whom they will meet on a regular basis to insure that educational and research goals are met. The student will keep a journal that will be submitted to both the research faculty and faculty advisor. These assistant-ships will be granted on a semester–by–semester basis.

During this inaugural semester we request that the research faculty identify the student they would like to work with and also determine if that student is interested and willing to devote 3 elective credits to this Research Topic’s course. Interested Faculty members can apply for an RA, by sending an email by August 12th to:

Application guidelines for faculty members are as follows:

  • Explain your academic work or research project.
  • Describe the role of the research assistant.
  • Describe how the student’s work qualifies as exposure to academic rigor.
  • Describe the structure and the deliverables for the student. If possible please provide a week-by-week outline of student contact hours.
  • Define the learning objectives for the students.


Below is the syllabus description for the ARCH 563A – Research Topic Course:

Research Applications is a unique learning experience at a field-related faculty supported research site. It provides students with an opportunity to extend academic knowledge and skills in a research setting and obtain additional knowledge and skills in preparation for research development or graduate school. Students experience the real-life context and application of their course work, thus enriching their educational experience. They deepen their knowledge about important aspects of their field, enhance their research skills in a real-world context, build their research network, and inform their career choices in this area of academic architectural research. Additional faculty-supervised activities provide the opportunity for an in-depth reflection on the directed research experience.