> Is this seminar starting in the fall 16′ or spring 17′ semester?

The Research Topics Seminar starts Fall 2016.

> Do I need to be currently employed at Pratt Institute to work with an RA?

Yes, we can only accept applications by current faculty members of the Institute.

> What type of commitment can we expect from the students and how many hours per week?

We strongly encourage faculty members to only request a maximum of 5 hrs of work per week.

> Is there a cap on the number of students that we can have each semester?

The Research Topics Seminar will have a maximum enrollment number of 15 students. We are currently looking to have one student per faculty member, but this may change.

> How late can students enroll?

Students can enroll at the beginning of the semester; please send them to our academic advisors.

> Is there any plan to have all the research interns give a presentation at the end of the semester?

We are very interested in sharing research projects and students’ experiences. The seminar will end with student presentations and interested faculty members can join