Application Process for Faculty Members

The UA department offers ‘ARCH 563A – Research Topics’ to support faculty research. We are looking for faculty members who would like to apply for a student research assistant (RA) who will receive 3 academic credits under their guidance. The program will consider many forms of research with academic merit: design based, theoretical, experimental and scholarly (The role of the student must follow Pratt’s parameters for independent studies with a defined set of learning objectives. See application guidelines below.)

In addition to their work with a faculty member, all RA’s will have a Research Topics coordinator with whom they will meet on a regular basis to insure that educational and research goals are met. The student will keep a journal that will be submitted to both the research faculty and coordinator. The faculty member needs to be a current employee of Pratt Institute. The chair will be part of the application process during all phases.

We recommend that faculty members identify the student they would like to work with in their application. Students that are part of approved faculty proposals will be registered into the course by academic advisors prior to Aug 30th. Interested faculty members can apply for an RA, by sending an email to:

Application guidelines for faculty members:

  • Explain your academic work or research project.
  • Describe short and long term goals for your project and identify publication venus or grants you want to apply for.
  • Describe the role of the research assistant.
  • Describe how the student’s work qualifies as exposure to academic rigor.
  • Describe the structure and the deliverables for the student. If possible please provide a week-by-week outline of student contact hours.
  • Define the Student Learning Outcomes (defined below).

Proposals should address the following student learning outcomes:

  • The ability to raise clear and precise questions, use abstract ideas to interpret information, consider diverse points of view, reach well-reasoned conclusions, and test alternative outcomes against relevant criteria and standards.
  • The ability to use appropriate representational media, such as traditional graphic and digital technology skills during the semester research investigation.
  • Develop the ability to gather, record, apply, and comparatively evaluate relevant information within architectural coursework, research investigations and design processes.
  • The student will understand the role of applied research to architecture in relation to function, form, technology, materials and systems and their impact on human conditions and behavior.


Here is a PDF of the Syllabus:
Arch 563A_Research Topics