The d.r.a. Lab in the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute is located on the main campus in Thirft Hall. Please send any inquiries to dra[at]

Duks Koschitz, PhD
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Robert Brackett III


Duks Koschitz joined Pratt Institute in 2013 as a Professor of Design and Technology and focuses on integrating geometry and technology in the architecture curriculum at Pratt. His Ph.D. thesis in the Design & Computation Group at M.I.T. elaborates on curved crease paper-folding.

His current work at the d.r.a. consists of using topics in geometry to inform assembly systems such that they become more energy efficient. The resulting 3d configurations are often folded sheet-goods without molds or scaffolds. His design research includes curved folding, bending active shapes, and inflatables. Duks has an architecture background and worked for several architecture practices between 1999 and 2007 such as Neil Denari Architects, Morphosis, and Coop Himmelb(l)au.



Robert Lee Brackett /|\ has been Faculty in Pratt’s School of Architecture since 2008 after completing his M.Arch from Columbia University GSAPP. He worked for Associated Fabrication as a designer, fabricator, production manager before co-founding Miscellaneous Projects, a multi-disciplinary design, play, make studio. Miscproj’s work incorporates architecture, fabrication, computation, and design to make things at many scales.

Robert is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he coordinates the first-year Architectural Representation sequence and teaches intermediate and advanced architecture design studios based on material practice. He has taught design studios and computation+fabrication seminars at Columbia GSAPP, RPI, City College, and CityTech. Robert’s design research synthesizes analog material techniques with digital fabrication technology to discover ways for architects to bring designing and making simultaneously into practice.