Integrated tools for design, analysis, and fabrication

Robert Cervellione, Principle Investigator
Brian Ringley,
Atefeh Zand,
Research Assistant

Amount awarded: $40,000.00
Sponsoring Agency: Autodesk
Date: September 2015 (2 years)
Type of research: Sponsored Research

External Site:
Current Status:  Phase 2 testing

Phase 1: DynaMaya

The research focuses on the development of tools and processes to aid in the design and fabrication of full scale building systems.  This research concentrates on creating link between design, construction and fabrication software’s to create a unified workflow.

Throughout the research we will highlight the different phases of digital project development.  Communication and translation between different sets of code will exploit the inherent translation difficulties and possibilities.  It is in these in-between areas that the coursework will be born and end up existing in the “object-based” realm.  We will explore ways to create new sets of software and combinations created to best benefit our ideas and the things we produce in order to produce a streamlined methodology for making complex adaptive system.

The main platform for development will be Revit, Dynamo, and Maya. Custom connection and workflows will be developed through extending each software’s capabilities as well as extending their interoperability between each other.

DynaMaya is an implementation of Dynamo with Maya and is the main focus of the unified workflow.
The goal of the plugin is to create a fully unified workflow and overcome some the issues associate with interoperability between programs. By using Dynamo as a common platform you can access the full power of Maya with all of its advanced geometry creation including nCloth, blend shape, animation, joints and IK . While in Maya you can access the parametric powers of Dynamo by building on the Maya geometry with a familiar parametric node based system as well as access the numerous design and analysis tools such as solar analysis, and surface rationalization.   The structure of the plugin is designed in such a way that the Maya geometry can be embedded into the Dynamo dyn file and directly opened in Revit or any other software that Dynamo is embedded into. This is meant to eliminate the need to export files or other methods needed to transfer from one software to another.

If you need to find out more about Dynamo please visit
There is a wealth of information as well as access to the latest versions and downloads.

Phase 2:  Robotic Fabrication and additive manufacturing

In phase 2 we are extending the software interoperability into hardware. This phase focus on the development of a custom fabrication system to allow rapid creating of architectural scale elements through the use of a novel method of additive manufacture utilizing industrial robots and custom end effectors. The system is capable of creating structural shape fast and efficiently and will be closely tied into the software workflow through DynaMaya and Dynamo Studio as well as other specialized fabrication applications.











Main Objectives

1.  Dynamo/ Maya connection (DynaMaya) ***Completed!***

1.1. Release beta 1– Releases a stabilized version of DynaMaya.

1.2. Support Continent –  Create a series of tutorials, getting started content, and show case material.

1.3. Release Candidate 1 – Beta two will be released based on the wider release of Beta 1 based on feedback from beta 1
2.    Dynamo – Maya – Robotics

2.1.   Software Development workflow – Work with existing efforts to help progress current workflows to develop a complete robotic solution. Perform test on ABB robots for workflow, accuracy, and ease of use.

2.2.   Hardware / Fabrication Prototype and Testing – 3D resin printing end effector for full scale fabrication of surface based forms. The final end effector will leverage UV resin to cure ribbons of resin to generate surface. The end effector will be used on conjunction with the software workflow to create a complete system (design /Validate / Fabricate)