Human Centered Designs for a MARS TRANSIT HABITAT ( M.O.T.H.)

Michael Morris, Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Architecture (co-leader)
Rebaccah Pailes-Friedman, Associate Professor, School of Design (co- leader)
Melodie Yashar, Design Critic (associate)

Amount awarded: $15,000.00
Sponsoring Agency: NASA
Date: September 2015 (1 year)
Type of research: Sponsored design studio and seminar

Awarded the NASA X-HAB 2016 Innovation Grant the interdisciplinary Pratt team of Architecture and Industrial Design students will spend the academic year to design (fall) and fabricate (spring) prototypes of the Mars Transit Habitat. The final full-scale prototypes will be exhibited onboard the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in July 2016.

Students involved
Fall 2015 : Taylor Carter,Michelle Chung,Andrea Codorva, John Doria, Thomas Fornasari, Rjea Gopal, Lee Hendrickson, Evan Huggins, Steve Kim, Sihui Li, Elvira Melmed, Daisy Meng, Larissa Naegele, Conor O’Hern, Kainoa Kwon-Perez, Eunyoung Park, Lydia Sohee Park, Madeline Profio, Jacob Soloski

Spring 2016: Dillon Chen,Yasmeen Farraj, Diana Juarez., Steve Kim, Elvira Melmed, Jungo Park, Madeline Profio, Amira Sleim, Enhan Shi, Jacob Soloski


Students are in constant research mode from concept to production throughout the academic year. They begin with all aspects of the ISS (International Space Station), historic, contemporary, visionary space vehicles and habitats, NASA’s Mission to Mars and protocols thru published scientific papers and articles.

Students can interview and listen to lectures and critiques on their developing design work and prototype production from Astronauts, Astro-physicists, Medical Doctors, Engineers, Designers and Architects throughout the year in bi-weekly critiques in studio and in milestone reviews, field trips and presentations to NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston.

Exploded Axon Render