Last wednesday some Pratt students gathered up with Jaime to visit the Canoneer Court’s Project!

During the Green Week, a group of students gathered with Jaime Stein: The Head of the PSPD Department, and went to one of the projects that is currently developing. She explained how this project got funded, how it started, what is its purpose, and what kind of complications have we found on its construction.


Currently, most of the projects is in bad conditions due to the harsh weather that we had in this past winter. Almost all the bioswales are covered in muck and the concrete is beginning to break. These restorations are being discuss by Pratt to understand which party must take responsability for it and fix it. On the other hand, Jaime and his coleagues are currently discussing when can the planting of the seeds and flowers can take place for the mini and main bioswale.

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