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Every summer, a Green Infrastructure Design Build studio course is offered to Pratt’s PSPD graduate students. Professors Elliott Maltby and Gita Nandan teach the course, drawing on their vast experience as principles of thread collective, a sustainable architecture, landscape, and urban design firm based in New York City. The course focuses on various different aspects of Green Infrastructure each year, creating innovative site-specific projects within the city. Students learn how to integrate environmental and social policy around storm water management with design, both graphically and technically.

Previous classes have provided designs for The Bowery Mission, Pratt’s North Hall DEP Green Roof, Red Hook’s Resilient Coast Line, NYCHA Properties, and decommissioned prisons.

In addition to the design portion of the class, students also participate in a building project each year that helps to support green infrastructure initiatives around the city, and gives students hands-on experience building or maintaining important sustainable community assets.

Work from past studios can be found on each year’s website.


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