The North Hall green roof is being built by “Highview Creations”. Highview is a GRP certified green roof design, build, and consultation company based in New York City. The company has designed and installed several extensive, intensive, and agricultural green-roofs throughout the Northeast. The company has worked with DEP on a green roof/blue roof analysis as part of a DEC funded storm water pilot study within the Jamaica Bay Watershed. Highview Creations is also a previous DEP Green Infrastructure Program award winner, and is familiar with the program agenda.

Green Roof 4     Green Roof 1  Green Roof 3


Projected Water Capture Metrics:

Green Roof Area 1 and 3: 2,821 gallons
Green Roof Area 2: 4,795 gallons
Protection Fabric Area: 207 gallons
Gravel area: 1,275 gallons
Compost: 586 gallons
Mulch: 838 gallons
Total: 10,702 gallons