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  Description/Application Glass is a solid translucent material with widespread applications. Resources The most commonly used form of glass is known as soda-lime-silica, which is produced predominantly by...
By Carolyn Shafer
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  Description/Application Graphite is a form of carbon1 named after the Greek word graphein, “write”5. Graphite is the base material of a pencil and is also used in...
By Carolyn Shafer
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  Description Cellophane is a translucent film material that may be colored or clear. It can be used in model making, packaging design, and in craft applications. It...
By Carolyn Shafer
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  Description/Application Plasticine is an oil based clay that does not dry out and can be endlessly reworked making it ideal for applications such as modeling and stop-motion...
By Carolyn Shafer
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