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  Description/Application Quartz, composed of crystallized silicon and oxygen, is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. There are many varieties of quartz, including semi-precious gemstones, like...
By Katherine Story
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Particle Board

  Description/Application Particle board is a composite wood product. Wood is chipped into a fiber and then compressed with resin. Particle boards are popular for their lightweight and...
By Carolyn Shafer
In Architecture, Construction Management, Industrial Design, Sculpture

Pickling Cleanser

Description/Application Pickle most commonly exists as sodium bisulfate, and is sold as white, bead-like compound1. Pickle is added to water, where it dissolves and is used to remove...
By Carolyn Shafer
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  Description/Application Frit is a glass powder that is used to add color to glassworks, and as the base of fritted glazes in ceramics. 1, 2 Resources Frit,...
By Carolyn Shafer
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Description/Application Solder is a metal with a low melting point, commonly used to create small bonds between metals, and to connect wiring in electronics. 1 Flux-core solder is...
By Katherine Story
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Description/Application Steel is iron that has been purified to contain very little carbon. 1 Steel is used for construction of buildings and infrastructure, and the manufacturing of vehicles,...
By Katherine Story
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  Description/Application Glass is a solid translucent material with widespread applications. Resources The most commonly used form of glass is known as soda-lime-silica, which is produced predominantly by...
By Carolyn Shafer
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  Description/Application Graphite is a form of carbon1 named after the Greek word graphein, “write”5. Graphite is the base material of a pencil and is also used in...
By Carolyn Shafer
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  Description/Application Lacquer is a water resistant and glossy wood finish, produced synthetically, or with shellac. Shellac is secreted by the lac insect, an aphid native to India...
By Carolyn Shafer
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Mineral Spirits

Description/Application Mineral spirits are a solvent most often used for cleaning up tough to clean substances such as oil paints and ink. Resources Mineral spirits are derived from...
By Carolyn Shafer
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