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Polymer Clay (Oven-Bake, Sculpey)

  Description/Application Oven-bake Clay is a modeling material that hardens when cooked. It is available in many colors and commonly used to make small clay forms, including figures...
By Carolyn Shafer
In Ceramics, Communications Design, Digital Arts, Foundation, Jewelry, Research, Sculpture


  Description/Application Plasticine is an oil based clay that does not dry out and can be endlessly reworked making it ideal for applications such as modeling and stop-motion...
By Carolyn Shafer
In Digital Arts, Film, Foundation, Industrial Design, Research, Sculpture

Clay Slip

  Description/Application Clay slip is a liquefied suspension of clay particles in water. It is applied to leather-hard clay in order to bind two bodies. Pratt students can...
By Carolyn Shafer
In Ceramics, Research

Ball/Feldspar Clay

  Description/Application Pratt provides ball and feldspar clays. Students get clay pre-mixed with water (mixed by other students who work in the shop) to mold or throw on...
By Katherine Story
In Ceramics, Research

Air Dry Clay

  Description/Application Crayola Model Magic and Amaco Cloud Clay are lightweight foam-like clays that harden when exposed to air. Used for abstract forms, prototyping sketches or to fill...
By Carolyn Shafer
In Architecture, Foundation, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Research, Sculpture