All of the HAD Graduate Thesis projects from 2020 can be reviewed here.

You can view each students poster and audio. Just play the audio and click on the poster to view and hear comments.

Congratulations to all graduating students!



Abigail Cote

“Guns, Ghosts, and so Forth”: Beverly Buchanan’s Reconstructions of Black History

Advisor: Eva Díaz

Katherine Hicks

Creating a Taxonomy for Video Game Visual Style                   

Advisor: Joo Yun Lee

Cyprien Meslay

Palism: Breaking Codes in The Parisian Graffiti Tradition                                                                                           

Advisor: Erica Morawski

Safiye Senturk

Formation of an Indigenous Ottoman Decorative Vocabulary

In Response to Silk Exchange with The Venetian Republic: 1453-1571

Kristen Tivey

Symbol and Science in Hilma Af Klint’s Swan Series                   

Advisor: Marsha Morton