All of the HAD Graduate Thesis projects from 2021 can be reviewed here.

You can view each students poster and audio. Just play the audio and click on the poster to view and hear comments.

Congratulations to all graduating students!


A Stitch in Time: Art Needlework as a Vehicle for Expanding Professional and Creative Opportunities for 19th-century Women

Advisor: Anca Lasc

Innovation, Collaboration, and Experimentation: The Proliferation of Zuan in late-Meiji Kyoto through the Works of Furuya Korin     

Advisor: Anca Lasc

Her Hand-Grenade is a Rainbow: Miriam Sharow’s Alternative Museum                                                                             

Advisor: Karyn Zieve


Store Windows as Public Art: Franklin Furnace and the Window Works Series, 1976-1984

Advisor: Martha Wilson and Tashima Thomas