“Meditation completely centers me physically and mentally. Often I start with very shallow breath, and graduate to deep breaths, it always amazes me how calming this is which makes my intentions more pure, and my actions more effective.” – Participant

The Meditation Incubator project at Pratt Institute is an online space and live workshop to learn to meditate and use visualization to deepen presence in creativity, enhance emotional intelligence, and articulate a success action plan that they define.

Survey data of participants in the incubator over 4 semesters showed that 100% of participants feel less stressed, gained a greater clarity of mind, and feel more creative and able to set goals and take action steps due to the practices they learned. 94% reported the practices helped with their studio practice.
The course is designed to help participants establish a meditation practice, provide practical “hands on” experience in the design and management of a personal development plan through the use of creative visualization and mind mapping, as well as an understanding of how to connect their well-being with professional development. The class is invited to meditate and visualize together via the Insight Timer app.

Course participants will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and practice of contemplative practices and professional development through daily meditations, visualizations and weekly worksheets and assignments.
  • Apply a meditative lens to source their creative ideas, life and career plans through simple awareness, journaling and mind mapping.
  • Synthesize these concepts and practices to develop a personal practice and professional development plan

Contemplative Practices: Meditation, mindfulness, and visualization takes practice. Setting aside a time for a daily meditation, once or twice a day using the Insight Timer app will be helpful. Allow yourself to start slowly and build towards a longer practice time. Basic mindfulness and meditations from various traditions will be introduced. Creative visualizations will be taught as tools for insight and understanding. Audio files of all the meditations and visualizations are available from this website

This online course is self paced and self directed. Do it at your leisure, track your progress, and share the light.


Rhonda Schaller, Artist, Writer, Instructor, and founder of Create Meditate

Welcome to the Meditation Incubator with Rhonda Schaller

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Annette Lang

I feel so lucky that my husband, who works at Pratt, met Rhonda and then encouraged me to start the Meditation class with her.
I absolutely LOVE this class. Rhonda’s experiences, insights and stories are so helpful.
Thank you so very much!


Just want to say how much I enjoyed last nights class. I had to get up very early this morning and felt great! I felt very energized. Plus aware of a deep quiet inside of me.

Eugenia D'Ambrosio

Hi All,

Just want to say that I have been using the simple meditation “Rise and Fall” of the breath a lot, and it has been very helpful as I start my day.
I then have been using “Are you ready to Succeed” which has helped me to focus more on getting clear on my vision at this time. I have a few projects going and feel foggy as to the next steps. So this meditation has begun to help me place the projects in a workable order for myself.
Just want to say Thank You.

Eugenia D'Ambrosio

I am so excited for the start of the workshop. I took the past workshops, which were so helpful in getting me focused on what truly matters to me. I have had a vision come true with getting my first photographic exhibition post graduate school. In September I shall be participating on a 3 person panel where I will get the opportunity to show and talk about my work. This I did not envision but I think it fits in with my desire to have 3 exhibitions in 2015. This is just a different form. I do take time to… Read more »