As we get ready to take a break from school and work for the Thanksgiving Holiday, it is a wonderful opportunity for gratitude as meditation. Breathe, thank yourself for making the time to meditate. Mindfulness of breathing, mindful walking, mantra practice, image of light filling your body and your heart, fill your awareness with gratitude. For the breath as it enters your body, give thanks. For the awareness of the breath as it leaves the body, give thanks. No judgement. Allow yourself to be thankful for the spacious awareness that comes from momentary experience of being.  Moment to moment in gratitude. Its beautiful. I thank you too, for being part of this community for sharing your practice with me.

Set your intention for your practice, open your heart to quiet your mind, and let your breath be your guide to your compassionate source of knowing. Remember to let thoughts rise, and let thoughts go, and simply come back to concentration on the breath, until that too simply rises and falls in a rich choiceless awareness…

Check in with yourself as you read this. Smile and breathe. Do smiling breath – smile and breathe in 3 times and let go. And then note what you see, what you feel, what you hear, and observe the mind as you open your heart, to yourself first and foremost in gratitude.

A Gratitude Meditation
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