“This has been incredibly effective in helping me be in closer touch to what excites and drives ME. I had to begin with finding the what/where/who before using it toward a certain goal. It helps me at this point identify goals and dreams, and I feel like I have a tool to reach these things with this process moving forward.” – Participant

Using Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualization for Personal and Professional Development – 10 week incubator

Instructor: Rhonda Schaller
Email: Rhonda.schaller@gmail.com

The Meditation Incubator seeks to offer participants an opportunity to learn meditation and mindfulness, to deepen creativity through visualization, and develop tools to develop a personal and professional development plan through contemplative practices. Using visualization and guided meditation, participants will deepen their creative process and create a meditative lens through which to view and plan their ideas and careers.The course is designed to help participants establish a meditation practice, provide practical “hands on” experience in the design and management of a personal development plan through the use of creative visualization and mind mapping, as well as an understanding of how to connect their well-being with career development.

Will this online course be beneficial?

If you follow the weekly sessions and do the meditation and visualization practices each week the results can be profound. The feedback from our surveys at the end of each semester have indicated great benefits to participants, a summary of which you can read here. The popularity of the course has grown beyond our expectations with just under 1,000 participants as of Summer 2018.

Course Outline at a glance:

Week 1:  Introduction to Meditation, Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices

Week 2: Mantra and Creative Visualization

Week 3: Meditation, Happiness and Wholeness

Week 4: Letting Go of Assumptions and Opening to your Meditation / Visualization Practice

Week 5: Mindfulness – Looking at the Choices you Make

Week 6: Awareness and Success

Week 7: Noting Practice and Creativity

Week 8: Mindfulness of Breathing as Flow

Week 9: Analytic Meditation – Process, Purpose and Choices

Week 10: Visioning in Action – Self as Prototype

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  • September 18, 2015 at 11:44 pm

    Thank you Rhonda for including me in this wonderful class. I am very much looking forward to it.


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